Dear Journalists, How Can We Help You?

The number of news organizations that engage and listen to their readers is growing. A recent blog post from the European Journalism Center mentions 70+ in Europe alone and their research is not yet completed. The change is no longer on the horizon. It is here. We want to talk about it and work around it. In order to contribute accurately, we need your help.

As we have have been saying, the focus of Outriders is not only about strengthening the community of our readers. We also want to support the journalist community. That is what Outriders Network is for. A strong base is what these 70+ and more organizations, including us, need to successfully move forward and rock the media scene to the benefit of all.

The aim of Outriders Network is to connect its members with projects, enable peer-to-peer learning and enhance cross-border and cross-competency collaborations. As such, the Network will consist of three components:

  • STORIES (…we are working on),
  • PEOPLE (that one can connect and work with) and
  • TOOLS (…which can make storytelling and reaching your audiences better and more effective).

There is no way we can do that right without your help. We need to learn what it is that we can contribute. Tell us who you are, let us know about your needs, issues, and dreams. Tell us what needs more attention and we will follow up and do our best to help. You have our word.

Please fill in this brief survey and spread the word. The more people contribute, the better we can do.



Alicja Peszkowska

Alicja Peszkowska is an experienced Communicator and Community Builder. She has been engaged with the topic of openness in the context of culture, society, and technology for the past 6…

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We need good journalism!

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