Interactive Reporting — Outriders Session at Lviv Media Forum

Last month we went to Ukraine to participate in Lviv Media Forum, the most important event dedicated to the media and journalism in Central and Eastern Europe. It was its fifth edition, this year located in Fest! Republic — a fantastic space in an old factory on the outskirts of Lviv.

Outriders came to Forum with a rather mighty team of Piotr Andrusieczko, Kasia Białach, Jakub Górnicki, Rafał Hetman, Piotr Kliks and Marcin Suder.

During 3-days conference program Jakub Górnicki had a Lab about Telling Stories through Instagram. After that, we organised a panel with Eva Lopez (Deutsche Welle), Zhanna Novik (Radio Free Europa) and Rafał Hetman on Interactive reporting.

Here are some bullet points from the presentations:

Eva Lopez, Deutsche Welle: “Intro to the Data Journalist Mindset — the Experience of the Deutsche Welle Data Team”

Rafał Hetman, Outriders: “Telling Stories With & For Communities”

Zhanna Novik, Radio Svoboda“How we made a stories revolution in Belarus.”

Members involved