Networking at Lviv Media Forum

Lviv Media Forum is the most important event dedicated to the media and journalism in Eastern and Central Europe. For the Outriders, the annual meeting in Lviv is an essential date in the calendar. We also took part in the Forum this year.

Outriders came to the Forum as part of the “Support a Sustainable Democratic Development Through Cultivating New Generation of Journalists” program, including Jakub Górnicki and Rafał Hetman.

Other Polish journalists also came to Lviv, including Roman Imielski from “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Piotr Szostak from and Stanisława Budzisz from the “Głośniej” Reporters Group.

The three-day meeting in Lviv was an excellent opportunity to learn about new trends in journalism, development of technology used by journalists and threats flowing from it.

Jakub Górnicki, the co-founder of Outriders, took part in the panel “How can media resist government pressure?”. The subject of the discussion was the situation of the media in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Veronika Víchová forms NGO “European values”, and András Földes from also took part in the panel.

But Lviv Media Forum is not only lectures, panels, debates, first of all, but it’s also people – both experienced journalists and young, ambitious people, who are just starting to work in media. The meeting in Lviv is an opportunity to exchange experiences, to share knowledge, not only at formal meetings but also during lobby discussions. It is also an occasion to make new contacts or increase cooperation.

One of the essential aspects of LMF is the fact that it shows, especially to young journalists, how important are independent professional media in a democratic society.

The idea of independent and professional journalism, which is behind the LMF, is very close to the Outriders group – which is why we are always eager to come to Lviv for an annual event.