Democratic Challenges in Ukraine: Open Call for Polish Journalists

Submit an idea, get a grant for the research, and publish your story!


Outriders, in partnership with the Lviv Media Forum, are looking for two Polish journalists to research and write up a story about the democratic challenges faced by Ukraine. The topic idea can range from freedom of speech, rights of women to lives of minorities, emigration problems and corruption. We intentionally do not want to limit the number of topics, hoping that it would help to select indeed brilliant reportage ideas and brilliant storytellers to complete them.

We are offering travel and accommodation grants for the research phase of the story as well as editorial support with its final version. The stories will be translated from Polish to Ukrainian and published on an educational portal media lab. online


The grant program covers your flights, accommodation and some daily allowance money. 

Apply to the grant program by filling in the linked form.

If you have further questions, please contact


The Visegrad Fund supports the project. To learn more about it, read the project’s description.

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