Outriders Meetup in Sofia: Cross-Border Investigations

On March 14th we have hosted an Outriders Meetup in Sofia where we have talked about cross-border, investigative journalism. Our speakers included Simon Bowers from the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists (yes, the ones who won a Pulitzer for the Panama Papers Investigation!), Saska Cvetkovska, a co-founder of the Investigative Reporting Lab in northern Macedonia and a director on the board of OCCRP, and Ludo Hekman from Lighthouse Reports. As OCCRP’s motto says “It takes a network to take down a network”, and so we got together and discussed what are the benefits and challenges of cross-border collaboration. Below comes a summary of what our speakers talked about along with the links to their talks. Enjoy! Thank you to Boryana Dzhambazova and Camelia Ivanova from the European Journalists Association in Bulgaria and the Generator in Sofia for help with organising the event! Ludo Hekman, Lighthouse Reports “…It sounds a little bit like a love story”.

Saska Cvetkovska, Investigative Reporting Lab Macedonia, OCCRP “It takes a network to take down a network.”

Simon Bowers, ICIJ “Stories aren’t packaged up with a bow for you to tell.”