Outriders Summit – Story, First. Join us in Warsaw this September!

There are so many events that focus on journalism and media, but… as strange as it seems, it is hard to meet journalists at many of them. Publishers, editors, NGOs – these are the usual suspects. They all talk about how to support journalists at work. Now, what about organising an event made by journalists for journalists?

That was our initial idea for how Outriders Summit should come along.

Storytellers first

The world is changing, and so is journalism. More and more people working in the field are no longer “traditional journalists” and come from different backgrounds. They are bloggers, YouTubers, designers, data scientists or activists united by one goal: to serve the public. We are particularly interested in that because the Outriders team too is a mix of skills and experiences. We are a group of experienced reporters, designers, coders and editors who believe in journalism as a public service. We are not all straightforward journalists, and yet here we are – working on stories that matter, to our readers and us. We want Outriders Summit will be a tribute to storytellers and the stories they tell. The event will bring together reporters, journalists, and storytellers for game-changing talks, workshops, and networking. It will connect technology with the freedom of the press, innovative storytelling, art and culture, showing how to use different tools to make your stories matter.

Story first

The theme of the first Outriders Summit is “Story, first”. Outriders focus on international coverage of the complicated issues cutting through the borders of this interconnected world. Outriders bring global perspective, understanding and said in-depth coverage. Being aware of the changes media outlets face, we find new ways of telling stories by translating old forms into a digital language – reinventing contextual articles, using multimedia and interactive forms and building cross-border collaborations. We believe that the tools we use, as well as our methods of work, matter. And we are into that. We are into everything that enables you to convey a good story. Regardless of whether you are a journalist, a blogger, a YouTuber or a photographer. The Summit will be a space where creators are going to share with other creators – their struggles with, and their strategies for, telling good stories. Apart from the Opening and Closing of the event, the Summit will consist of three tracks that correspond with that exactly: the challenges, the best practices, and the stories.

An Open Call for the latter will follow next Monday. We will be thrilled to receive your submissions. We are also excited that Hostwriter, non-profit connecting journalists around the world, decided to partner with us on the event and is going to award the Hostwriter Prize on the Summit’s stage.

The nitty-gritty

The event is taking place on September 26th at Iluzjon Cinema, a landmark of 1950s Warsaw, and it is preceded by the Digital Cultures (DC) conference (September 24-25). We have more than 200 spots available, waiting to be taken by journalists and creators. Go ahead, book your tickets!

Outriders Summit is organised in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Ashoka, Hostwriter and the Total Immersion Foundation. The full program will be announced at the end of July.

We believe that a healthy society needs healthy media.

We want to build that ecosystem together. Join us in Warsaw this fall!