Want To Help Organize the Digital Cultures Conference and Outriders Summit?

We Are Looking for Assistants!

No international conference can happen without a great deal of help from an organising team. And we are about to recruit it. We are looking for people who want to join two unique events and help us make them even better. Digital Cultures Conference organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute connects various sectors of digital culture and Outriders Summit run by us, Outriders is all about the future of journalism and storytelling.

We are looking for people who are responsible and trustworthy and have, preferably, worked as volunteers for an international event before.

An organising team is the critical element of every event. You will help us with various aspects of conference production. You might be making sure that all the speakers have water to drink or take a Pulitzer winner on a city tour. Who knows 🙂 We guarantee that it will be an exciting and inspiring experience.

Digital Cultures Festival and Outriders Summit organisers will provide you with food and drinks. We will also sign a contract with you, and you will be compensated for your work. The rate is 15 PLN gross per hour.

Each of you will receive a particular recommendation after having worked for us. We think this is an excellent opportunity for people who love or want to enjoy art, culture, digital, media, journalism and everything related to that.

Before you submit make sure you have the motivation and the time we are asking for. Please remember that it is as much of an adventure as it is hard work.

If you are ready and convinced please fill in the form below.

We will get back to you by the end of the week!