Outriders Stories Lab @Transitions training in Kharkiv

Kharkiv - December 11, 2019

Join us in Kharkiv on December 11th-12th for a workshop on practicing storytelling with the vertical stories format organized within Training for Journalists and Media Managers in Staging, Media Management and Innovative Technologies by Transitions.

Transitions, which specializes in improving the quality of media work in Central and Eastern Europe, invites journalists and media managers from eastern and southern Ukraine to participate in a free two-day training in Kharkiv to familiarize media professionals with proven models of working Europe and the US, and try to adapt well-known best practices on the ground.

During the 90 mins training, we will talk about your storytelling strategy as well as tools and techniques available. Jakub Górnicki will talk you through a few successful case studies and share his experiences with the tool.

The participants should be familiar with Instagram stories format and have an app installed on their phone.