Outriders Network Meetup in Athens

“Impactful Stories”

The ultimate aim of the Outriders Network is to support good journalism. What does that mean? We want to create good, impactful stories. Meet us in Athens to learn more about impactful storytelling and meet inspiring people.

February 7 2019, Athens


If you want to know:

  • How to anchor your stories for a deeper impact and how anthropology can support your journalist work?
  • How to bring about change with your investigative story?
  • How to tell impactful stories with data?

Come and join us at the Impact Hub Athens at 6 PM for the upcoming meetup with three amazing speakers:

  • Vlad Ursulean, a writer and an editor for Casa Jurnalistului (The Journalist’s House)
  • Blanka Zöldi, an investigative journalist at a Hungarian non-profit Direkt36
  • Eva Constantaras, a data and investigative journalist with Internews specialized in growing data journalism in developing countries

The meetup is free & open, but please register because the number of seats is limited.


The talks are starting at 6 PM and will last 18 minutes each, afterward, we will have time for a Q&A session and some networking.

If you are interested in joining one of the two workshops which will take place earlier that day you can sign up for them here:



Eva Constantaras

Eva Constantaras is a data journalist specialized in building data journalism teams in developing countries. These teams that have reported from across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and East Africa…

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Blanka Zöldi

Blanka Zöldi is a reporter with Direkt36, a non-profit investigative journalism centre based in Budapest, Hungary. Most recently she has been covering the misuse of EU funds in Hungary and…

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Jakub Górnicki

Blogger and reporter passionated about new media, interactive storytelling and reporting projects. Graduated faculty of journalism at Warsaw University, specialized in Reportage Laboratory. He established Outriders to bridge cultures and…

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Alicja Peszkowska

Alicja Peszkowska is an experienced Communicator and Community Builder. She has been engaged with the topic of openness in the context of culture, society, and technology for the past 6…

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Vlad Ursulean

Vlad Ursulean is a writer and an editor for Casa Jurnalistului (The Journalist’s House). He had started his adventure with journalism it in 2012 in a squat. He and his…

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Impact Hub Athens



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