Navigating through Disinformation

Bucharest - October 11, 2018

With this Meetup, we kickstart our series of meetings which will happen over the course of next year in many European capitals. Our aim is to create a global platform for knowledge sharing among journalists.

Our theme for the meeting is “Serve and engage. How to have a relationship with your audience.”.

First, we will have three talks lasting 20 minutes each:

  • Madalina Ciobanu from European Journalism Centre will speak about the research they have done on engaged journalism startups showing trends and models,
  • Dimitris Xenakis from Inside Story (Greece) – he will give us insights about how he runs unique for Greece subscription-only / advertisement-free news-site producing long-form articles
  • Jakub Górnicki – how to provide value and build an audience through email.

After this, we will go into the Q&A session followed by networking.

If you would like to present your work and have an issue we could help you to solve contact us to get a 5-minute lightning talk. Remember there are no dumb questions only answers 🙂

This Meetup is organised with big help from Code for Romania, DoR (Decât o Revistă) and Funky Citizens. It’s in between two major conferences – Heroes of Tech and The Power of Storytelling ( and – we encourage you to check out and attend both!


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