PULSE #2 Much Ado About Elections

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Elections are a complex and very relevant topic, and the media play a crucial part in informing us about our choices, their context, and their consequences. Also, in this week’s newsletter, I have decided on a little dive into journalism & election. 

Let me start with highlighting a few examples of stories which have elections as their primary interest. No list can be complete and neither is this one – please let us know if there is some notable interactive journalism on elections coming from your country! Tell me: what impact did these stories have? I’d love to add them to our database. There is much to be said about interactive journalism, data-driven reporting, democracy & elections and we will address some of that during our series of meetups next week. I invite you to read more below.


Every two weeks along with a new issue of this newsletter you will be getting a fresh and unique selection of five stories we think are worth exploring. Since we are freshly after yesterday’s launch through this time, you are going to get more. Instead of five stories, enjoy these five playlists curated especially for you by Emma Lacey Bordeaux (CNN), data trainer Eva Constantaras, Jacopo Ottaviani (Code for Africa), Lola Garcia Ajaforin (Outriders) and Simon Bowers (ICIJ). If you feel inspired to curate your own, please do! 

2018 Midterms: Live Election Results, New Yorker

This story is about providing people with live coverage conveniently visualized on a map. Last updated November 25th, 2018 at 11:46 AM (GMT-4) 😉

Armenia’s April 2 Parliamentary Election: Who is Running, hetq

This 2017 story by Hrant Galstyan summarises profiles of candidates. Fun facts include the average age of a candidate which is 47 and 31% of all candidates have registered as unemployed.

Interactive Map About the Elections in Berlin, 
Berliner Morgenpost

Berliner Morgenpost’s interactive team shows us how Berliners voted in their 2017th elections – a powerful piece of information for this medium’s community.

Egypt Elections Explained, Al Jazeera

Elections reflect the complexities and peculiarities of a given country. Here comes an infographic which will help you understand how it works in Egypt.

The NYT’s Visual Elections Outcome Explorer, 
New York Times

We all know that the US electoral system is nothing but intuitive. If you would like to understand it better, check it out ^^

Whom should I vote for? The UK election manifestos compared, The Guardian

This guide provides a summary of key points from the 2017 general election manifestos of UK mainland parties with seats in Westminster. Not for the TL: DR type only.

The Presidential Race in Emojis, The Atlantic

And now for something completely different. Why not please the crowd and give them some real-fun moment so that they don’t leave your magazine’s site for Reddit? I am ambivalent about this one but still, I leave it here.

Have a great story on elections which you’d like to add to our database? Just submit it using our “Share it with us” button. 

In the past week, at the SPLICE Beta conference in Chiang Mai, we have premiered a new playlist curated especially for us by Kuek Ser Kuang Keng. Enjoy these data stories from parts of Asia chosen by this award-winning journo based in Kuala Lumpur. 

Outriders Network

Outriders Network is still on the road with two events coming up just next week:

Next Tuesday in Zagreb we are meeting up with journalists and storytellers at the local Impact Hub to discuss Real-time Stories. We are going to host three workshops:
– Fact-checking and verification with Marek Miller, 
– Google Storytelling with Insta Stories with Jakub Górnicki, 
– OutridersData in the agile world with Jacopo Ottaviani, Code for Africa

Do you know someone in Zagreb who would be interesting in joining us? 
Do pass this info along!

Next Friday (in a week and a day!) in Sarajevo we will have the pleasure to run our elections-focused track at the annual POINT (Political Accountability and New Technologies) Conference organised by our friends from Zasto ne. Our speakers include:
– Anastasiia Stanko from Hromadske (Ukraine)
– Verda Uyar from Doğruluk Payı (Turkey)
– Jacopo Ottaviani (Italy)

We will be recording all the talks, and I will make sure to share them with you once their ready.

I would like to use this moment to welcome a new partner of Outriders Network – Google News Initiative. You can read more about our collaboration here and tools which Google makes available to you here.

Our friends from the Digital Communications Network invite you to apply to their Exchange Program. Sixteen participants from 36 eligible countries will be selected to come to the USA for a 17-day long professional program, Sept. 11-28, 2019. You can read more about it here.

We have had some amazing journalists recently joining our Facebook group. Want to meet them and get in touch? You are welcome to


Ours and Solidarity Fund joint initiative has just kicked off! It is new media support programme called Media Garage which is addressed to independent media creators in Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine. As a result of it, selected individuals or media organisations will receive a 6-month training + 25,000 EUR to tune their operation. You can apply to take part until May 20th, 2019. Learn more here

Thank you for reading. 
I will be in touch again in two weeks!