PULSE #8 ⚖ Striking a balance

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We are almost half-way through the summer. I have summed up Outriders Network first season of operations and, together with Jakub and Kasia, we are regrouping, strategising, planning, and making sure that all our hopes and wishes for 2019/2020 turn out successful. 

In the meantime, I am going through my bookshelves and virtual bookmarks, trying to read through everything while I still can. Summer is a wonderful moment to get inspired just before all the action and all the world restarts. 
Speaking of inspiration…Below you will find some interactive stories’ selected for you by Zakhar Protsiuk of Jnomics Consulting. 

Zakhar is currently working with us on how to make Outriders Network database a successful tool for journalists, storytellers, and everyone interested. In his own words “Some of the stories compiled below are older than others, some are investigative, and others showcase data journalism, but the highest standards of journalism unite all of them.” I hope you will enjoy Zakhar’s selection.


The Follower Factory, The New York Times

Social media is an indispensable part of our life. Likes, shares, the number of followers influence our perception of ourselves and other people. This investigative story from The New York Times unveils the blanket of the grey market of buying fake followers on Twitter and Facebook. Authors take a deep dive into the topic with detailed graphs and beautiful visualization.

Mosul, Outriders

For the last couple of years, I’ve read a lot about Islamic State and the horrors of the war in Syria, but only this story from Outriders about the fight for Mosul made me feel it. The story is combining slides with emotional pictures of the fight and audio narrative.

Machine Bias, ProPublica

We often are inclined to think that technology will bring us only good. But as for any other innovation, there is always a flip side, as this article shows quite clearly. ProPublica team examines the way artificial intelligence assessment of future criminals is biased against black people.

How the Internet talks, FiveThirtyEight

This tool from FiveThirtyEight perfectly shows the opportunities which data journalism brings. The team collected every comment of the Reddit website from 2007 to show what people were discussing on the web (mostly in the US) for the last decade. You can track the popularity of different keywords and compare them. Go and search for what is interesting for you!

Banished: Why menstruation can mean exile, Al Jazeera

Chhaupadi is an ancient Nepali tradition which perceives women during menstruation as impure. It prescribes that women shouldn’t participate in a normal regular activity while menstruating. Despite being banned by Nepal authorities, the tradition is still active in some parts of the country. Al Jazeera went to those villages and made a considerable multimedia story which shows the cruelty of Chhaupadi in details. Do spend some time watching interviews with the locals. Their personal experience explains best why this tradition should be eliminated.

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Outriders Network

Next week is going to be a very busy one. We are going to attend workshops about workshops – for three days we will think about how to best deliver value during our Labs tour next season. We will be working on four different topics: 1) Storytelling with Instagram Stories 2) Storytelling with messaging apps 3) Fact-checking with Google tools 4) Reporting with Google Earth Lab

→ Do you have any case studies/ materials or other thoughts to share with us in connection with these topics?
→ Are you planning an event which you’d like us to visit & run one of our workshops?

Please do let me know! 📩

Apart from the workshops, the following week will be the time dedicate to putting dates to our plans. We’d like to come up with the when & where for our Outriders Showcase (former: meetups). We are also about to kick off the sales of our Summit tickets – Outriders Stage & Backstage will take place on November 21st and 22nd. We have exciting news on that front, and we will make sure to keep you posted 


Ania and Jakub just came back from Białowieża on the Poland-Belarus border. They attended an audio-storytelling workshop lead by Laurel Symes (assistant director at the Bioacoustics Research Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Bill McQuay, an award-winning audio producer at Eco Location Sound and a former sound engineer at the Lab of Ornithology; and Chris Joyce, a science correspondent at NPR. Białowieża is a world heritage site and one of the last stands of old-growth forest left in Europe. The forest is being threatened by the bark beetle, a voracious pest that is increasingly decimating forests in North America, Europe and Siberia. The storytelling workshop is a part of a project aiming to report on the role climate change is playing in the increasing infestations of these forest pests. 

Kasia and Jakub are currently running the first workshop for the Outrider Media Garage participants coming from the media outlets based in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. This week they are focusing on SWOT analysis of each organisation and setting goals for future tuning work. 

Last but not least, Emma Lacey Bordeaux – a writer and journalist working for CNN, a friend and our community member, has been officially introduced as a part of our Outriders Advisory Board. We are very grateful for her ongoing support and guidance!

Keep enjoying this summer. See you in two weeks,