PULSE #9: 🔥 Get your tickets & save the date for Outriders Stage this November

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It is the end of July. We have just launched the upcoming Outriders Stage and announced the exciting news of Maria Ressa keynoting our event. She is currently on trial, responding to the Filipino’s government charges. We hope that truth will prevail. 

At Outriders Stage, she will talk about consolidating the world of media to make journalism relevant – reach more people, shape the public debate, engage communities. Our world needs that.

In every PULSE, we recommend a selection of interactive stories. Below you can check out those selected for you by Vitalii Fokin, a data scientist from Jnomics Consulting. Vitalii has been fact-checking our database for the last two months and really knows all the records inside-out by now. Here come the ones he really enjoyed.


Before & after Chuck Berry, The New York Times

Chuck Berry was an American singer and one of the founders of rock ’n’ roll. He inspired and defined in some way careers of such music titans as The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones once said about him: “I’ve stolen every lick he ever played”. Go over this audio guide of Chuck Berry’s most famous songs from The New York Times.

Bezos’s empire: how Amazon became the world’s most valuable retailer, The Guardian

In 1995 Amazon was just an online marketplace for books. Its annual revenue was $15.7 million. Since then the company has grown enormously (with $177.9 billion as its 2017 annual revenue) and now is considered one of the biggest tech giants on Earth. Watch this smart-crafted visual story from The Guardian about how Amazon company increased in size over that period. 

Leave no dark corner, ABC

If you have ever read the “1984” novel by Richard Orwell, you probably remember having goosebumps because of Big Brother unlimited power. Now Imagine what Chinese citizens should feel when some scary parts of that story are becoming a reality for them. China is building a comprehensive system of digital tools to make sure its citizens have no dark corner to hide. Look at the ABC story and feel it yourself.

Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart, The New York Times

This story from The New York Times shows how the gap between poor/middle-class people and enormously rich are widening. A couple of simple but well-crafted graphs shows how this problem got worse in the last decades.

The Pessimist’s Guide to 2028, Bloomberg

What if fake news kills Facebook, bitcoin replaces the global banking system, and China begins a wide-scale trade war? Well, we don’t know. Journalists from Bloomberg are trying their best to predict some of the worse scenarios for 2028. Those provocative ideas encourage us to reflect how quickly our modern world is changing.

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Outriders Network

Last week we worked on six Outriders Labs to premiere this fall. We will be meeting again, this September, to polish our presentations and practise. I will tell you all about these educational resources in the making when they are ready 🤫 

This week we have launched Outriders Stage. You can now:
→ check out our new key visual by Marcin Suder (this newsletter’s cover photo)

→ get your tickets
→ and read all about why you should be there. I wrote this special post especially for those not yet convinced

All information about the event can be found on this dedicated website outriders.network/summit2019.
More exciting updates soon!


After the first session of Media Garage, a media support program for independent media creators in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, Jakub wrote a post about three main problems of the grant-funded organisations. If you are into building a news organisation or if you work for one, this might be something for you.

The Insta Story version of our article about New Caledonia is now live. You can click through and enjoy it here.  

This time you won’t hear back from me until August 22nd. I am going on holidays.

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