PULSE #10: 🙈 The Inevitable end of summer

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Hi there! We are all back from summer holidays and, believe it or not, are looking forward to what this new season will bring. We are quite excited about new stories we are working on, the workshops we are developing, the progress made in our Media Garage project and, of course, the Outriders Stage coming up in November. Fall has always been a busy but interesting time for all – full of events, learning activities, new projects and initiatives. I hope you are looking forward to some of that too. …and if you do, share what excites you with our Facebook group and us. We’d like to know. In every PULSE, we recommend a selection of interactive stories. This one is no different.


Murder in Manila, the Rappler

This Rappler story focuses on the topic the exploring of which, has landed its Editor in Chief, Maria Ressa, in jail and now facing a trial. It talks about the drug war that president Rodrigo Duterte launched, from the perspective of those who were carrying on the killing. Maria will be the keynote speaker at Outriders Stage this November. If you’d like to hear her speak live, book your tickets here.

GuptaLeaks, a collaborative investigation by Daily Maverick, amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, News24, OpenUp, and Finance Uncovered

Things are happening in the world that you might not be that eager to come back to from holidays. International corruption and scams orchestrated by the rich clans might be that. This collaborative investigative story features falsification of South African work permits for Indian nationals, purchases of coal mines and much more.

Murder in the Arms of Marriage, Story of 222 cases, InfoTimes

Egyptian InfoTimes dives into murders that happened within marriages as reported by Youm7 in the time frame of 13 years. Want to know how many victims were husbands and how many were wives? What were the main reasons to kill? Explore the data.

Climate Change – how hot will it get in my lifetime? The Guardian

Fearing the end of summer because of autumns and winter low temperatures? Hold your horses. Check how much hotter exactly can it get within your lifetime with the help of this small interactive from the Guardian.

How the World Votes 2019, Al Jazeera

Another reason why we are looking forward to this season is, also, the elections. I am hopeful but scared. Every election can mean change – for better or for worse. Polish elections are coming up this October, and we will probably address some of the issues emerging during that time at the Outriders Stage in Warsaw. This interactive from Al Jazeera sums up elections that happened and are to occur in 2019 – browse through to learn more.

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Outriders Network

We continue working on OutridersLabs. 4 of them will be finalised during a workathon (yes, a get-together to the work-together event) happening next week. We are about to launch Whatsapp groups dedicated to each lab so that the learning and knowledge exchange can continue after you attended the lab. Stay tuned. The first Outriders Network Season II workshop happened last Tuesday in Lviv, Ukraine where Jakub and Kasia were working on the Media Garage&nbsp. The lab in its new format went very well, and the Media Garage project itself has recently received a lot of international attention thanks to this piece from journalism.co.uk We are also working on the line-up for the upcoming Outriders Stage. You can get the tickets, get the feeling of it and meet our keynote speakers already. More is coming. Have you seen our efforts to catch-up on all the past season of Network activities on Instagram? I think it looks cool.


Outriders newsroom is currently working on several interactive stories in different parts of the world.

In August Magdalena Rojo travelled to several indigenous villages around Oaxaca, Mexico to explain the different aspects of communality, trying to portray life without capitalism, in tune with nature and tradition. She is working on the story: “Communality: Oaxaca solutions” in Oaxaca (Mexico). Rumbi Chakamba has just come back from Zimbabwe, where she was covering the stories of women and children detained in hospitals for unpaid medical bills, a practice that happens in countries such as Zimbabwe. She is working on the interactive story: “Medical hostages in Zimbabwe.”

Besides, the newsroom is working on the design and content of upcoming interactive stories about the so-called “Zone of Fires” in Europe; the Crimean Bridge; Vaccines and fake news; Suicide belts in Paradise, about the 10 years after the end of the war in Sri Lanka; Biopiracy in the Indian Ocean; Syrian Refugees in Nagorno-Karabakh; the Aftermath of China ban foreign garbage; Land degradation in Samburu, Kenya, and much more.

Ania and Grzegorz took part in a workshop organized by the Membership Puzzle Project and the Daily Maverick. About 70 participants from around the world were trained in audience engagement and membership. They discussed the ways to engage our readers more and were taught how to write newsletters and use technology and staff to run an audience revenue program. It all happened in the beautiful settings of South African Cape Town, Atlantic Ocean and impressive mountains

Talk to you again in 2 weeks!

/Cover photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash/