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With exactly 1,5 months left until Outriders Stage 2019, there is little else we do except for chatting to our speakers, trainers, venue representatives, graphic designers and other service providers. Events are people’s business and especially so when their theme is “Let’s get together”. 80% of the tickets are sold out already… We will be quite a few. Have you seen who’s coming to Stage? 

One such person is our keynote speaker, Darren Long, a Creative Director of South China Morning Post who has prepared his own list of favourite interactive stories that I am sharing with you below.

Enjoy this newsletter along with the below stories from the database, updates from the Network, and the Outriders newsroom. If you have any time left I recommend you browse through our Outriders Stage agenda. Take a good look and grab the few tickets still left!
You are invited 🙃


City of Anarchy, South China Morning Post

The first story picked by Darren “is an example of reducing the central idea to its pure essence for print”. It is beautiful and very map-like. You can also print it out!

The Five Main Projects of the Belt and Road Initiative, South China Morning Post

The Belt and Road Initiative is a global development strategy adopted by the Chinese government involving infrastructure development and investments in 152 countries and international organizations in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. This 5-chapters story “was a breakthrough in SCMP approach to designing for digital” Darren told me.

How the Thai Cave Rescue Mission Unfolded, South China Morning Post 

“The Thai Cave Boys” refers to a widely publicised cave rescue successfully extricated members of a junior football team trapped in Tham Luang Nang Non-cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand in June and July 2018. It was the first time SCMP tackled a complex story online as breaking news.

The History of the forbidden city, South China Morning Post

This beautiful visual explainer of “The Forbidden City” was developed from field trips to Beijing and Taipei. Try reading chapter five without tears coming to your eyes…”.

Drowning in Plastics, Reuters

Darren says that is a very exciting time to be involved in visual storytelling. His go-to favourites in the context of interactive reporting are National Geographic, Reuters and the New York Times. Here are three contrasting approaches he recommends to check out.

First one, from Reuters, allows you to immerse yourself in the rain of plastic bottles to understand the scale of the plastics problem.

Baby fish have started eating plastics, we haven’t yet seen the consequences, National Geographic

Browse for equally compelling & scary images of little fish and plastics on their way into our food chain.

A Tidal Wave of Mud, The New York Times

Understanding the collapse of a mining dam in Brasil and recreating what happened with the help from new technologies.

Have a great open-data story that is not in our database yet?
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Outriders Network

Next week we will publish a full list of workshops which will take place on the second day of Outriders Stage. Most of them will serve 30 people max, so registering fast for the ones you fancy will be important! Among the 13 confirmed we will have the Outriders Vertical Stories Lab, Verification Lab, Storytelling with Maps Lab, CommunityLab with a special marketing twist, a Solutions Journalism workshop, Cross-border as a method run by Hostwriter, Engagement workshop run by the European Journalism Center, Data Journalism with Eva Lopez from Deutsche Welle, and… more!

Outriders Stage is not all that is happening though. In parallel Kasia, our events’ producer, and I are organising a trip to Bucharest. We are going to attend the Power of Storytelling, a great event organised by Decat o Revista, and conduct a study visit in preparations for the upcoming Outriders Showcase coming up in March 2020. Stay tuned, and if you know someone we should talk to – reach out!


Last weekend journalist Patricia Alonso, based out of Istanbul, started working on an interactive story about The Aftermath of China ban on foreign garbage. According to a recent report released by Greenpeace, Turkey has become one of the new dumpsites for the world’s plastic waste, becoming the 8th biggest plastic waste importer in the world at the end of 2018, with 436,000 tons of waste being imported. Lola García-Ajofrín, our Newsroom Lead, is currently focusing on the story about Biopiracy in the Indian Ocean. Biopiracy is the practice of using and commercially exploiting the biological resources and Indigenous knowledge of a country without permission or compensation.

Since last week, Brazilian Photojournalist Gabriel Uchida is travelling through the Brazilian Amazonia to work on a new interactive story for Outriders: “Behind the Fires”. He will portray the conflicts at Uru-eu-wau-wau indigenous territory, a dangerous and invaded indigenous territory in Brazil due to illegal loggers, miners and land grabbers. He will also interview young and old villagers, indigenous leaders and activist. We will use infographics, photos, videos and audios to portray their stories. We are already sharing some of his pictures and videos through Instagram stories – you check them out here. The Brief newsletter team continues its co-operation with the Membership Puzzle Project. Right they are focusing on analyzing the surveys filled in by our readers to plan possible changes in the form and shape of our weekly Magazine.

Stay warm, and you will hear from me again in 2 weeks,

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