Solutions Journalism in Poland


Solutions Journalism is a new approach to journalism methods and an attempt to redefine the role of media within the civil society. Instead of focusing on issues and underlying problems and challenges leaving the reader helpless and frustrated, this is a kind of a journalism that explores the existing solutions to the issues described.

Through the careful analysis of up- and downsides of various initiatives, this kind of storytelling provides the reader with a more complete view on a given issue describing challenges as well as the people and organizations trying to address them. That is not to say that these attempts to fix the issues of the modern world are always successful, but there are there and they are doing their best.

By bringing Solutions Journalism to Poland Ashoka wants to inspire a series of pieces which will both showcase the method and test the approach in the Polish context. The project is run in partnership with Outriders, the Journalism Center at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Association of Local Newspapers (PL: Stowarzyszenie Gazet Lokalnych), Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the Reportage Institute

We help reporters, producers, and editors bring the same attention and rigor to stories about responses to problems as they do to the problems themselves. Doing so, we believe, can elevate public discourse, spur citizen agency, and reduce polarization. It can strengthen democracy. When added to the mix, it improves the overall quality and impact of journalism.

Throughout 2018 we will be hosting experts from the Solutions Journalism Network from New York and Paris who will run workshops, training and participate in discussions. The project also awards small grants for Solutions Journalism inspired stories on different issues concerning Poland. At the end of the year, we will award the first Polish Solutions Journalism Award for the best story.




Agata Stafiej-Bartosik

Agata is an Ashoka Fellow since 2001. She is dedicated to reshaping public opinion by educating the civil sphere on the effective use of media. By working to create alliances…

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Martyna Rubinowska

Martyna has been in Ashoka since June 2015, first in charge of preparing the Social Innovation Map, later launching the Changemaker Schools program and selecting the first 6 schools. She…

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David Boardman

DAVID BOARDMAN BIOGRAPHY David Boardman is Dean of the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has academic and financial responsibility for one of the…

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Radek Korzycki

Journalist; Radek specializes in international affairs with a special focus on the United States of America politics and transatlantic issues. He used to be a correspondent and authored a series…

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Rafał Hetman

Blogger and a reporter. For four years has been blogging about the non-fiction literature on his blog called CzytamRecenzuję.pl. Has published in „Gazeta Wyborcza”, „Polska the Times” daily and a…

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Samantha McCann

Samantha is Director of Communities at Solutions Journalism Network. She has been with SJN since shortly after their launch in 2013. She previously worked in environmental and fiscal policy research…

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Nina Fasciaux

Graduating from 3A School of Business and Development, Nina was first involved professionally in humanitarian work as a trainer and manager in France and abroad. Her research in the field…

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Tina Rosenberg

Tina Rosenberg

Tina Rosenberg is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author. She co-authors the Fixes column in The New York Times “Opinionator” section. Her books include Children of Cain: Violence and the…

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