Ukrainian NGO Lviv Media Forum with the support of Visegrad Fund is implementing the project aimed at supporting a new generation of journalists in Visegrad Four countries. In terms of the project, the NGO holds a number of training and educational trips for young journalists (up to 35-year-old) from the region who have both strong passion for their profession and interest in covering international affairs.
Now the NGO is implementing a second part of the project: encouraging covering of international affairs in the media of Ukraine and Visegrad countries. For this reason, NGO Lviv Media Forum is ready to cover trips of the journalists from Visegrad countries who are willing to make stories about Ukraine. Ukrainian journalists as well will go to V4 countries to make stories about challenges of this region. As a result, the media of 5 countries will be enriched by qualitative reportages on international affairs.


Piotr Szostak

Piotr Szostak is a lawyer, a journalist, and publicist working with “Gazeta Wyborcza”. His articles were published in “Dwutygodnik”, “Tygodnik Powszechny”, “Polityka”, “Krytyka Polityczna” and “Liberte”. Szostak writes about the…

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Rafał Hetman

Blogger and a reporter. For four years has been blogging about the non-fiction literature on his blog called CzytamRecenzuję.pl. Has published in „Gazeta Wyborcza”, „Polska the Times” daily and a…

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Stasia Budzisz

A philologist by education (even though she sometimes struggles with the comas), a journalist and a translator by profession. She has published in Bliza, Fragile, New Eastern Europe, New Prometheus,…

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Olha Lypynska

Olha Lypynska is a manager of the project aimed at supporting young journalists in V4 countries. She’s located in Lviv (Ukraine) where she works as a coordinator in NGO Lviv…

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