Summit 2019

Let’s get together!

Many bad things are happening to journalists all around the world. They are threatened, shamed, killed. Media people were named Time Person of the Year. Moreover, we, as journalists, always tackle important issues. We use this powerful language ourselves — how many times have you read an article beginning with “will this save journalism?” That’s a sentence which this industry has heard for over a decade. It is not easy to work in such conditions.
There has to be a room for other, positive emotions. For excitement. Difficulties often call for being together. Not just to cooperate, do projects. That’s nice and it happens. But we need a feeling of community. With that kind of support whatever we do gets easier. Also, maybe even… that’s something hard to write after the above paragraph, but I will try. I do believe those are the most exciting/essential times for journalists — as the shift of models, day to day work is happening and we get to be right in the centre of it. Isn’t that every reporter’s dream? When we look at various organisations, we meet and invite to join the Outriders Network I see many different angles from which problems are being tackled.
Some are fun, some crazy, some super serious. I like this panorama a lot. What we need — is to mix those colours. In Europe, we finally have to break the division between Western and Eastern journalists. That is blocking the entire media ecosystem from moving forward. However, we all are in it for one thing — for the common good — to serve the public. And that is done best if we work together. Whether it’s cross-border. Between organisations. Between freelance reporters. With and for our audiences. Together. So, to sum it all up — our theme for 2019 is — Let’s get together!