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Refugees In The Western Balkans Waiting Zone: Challenges On Documenting Migrant Crisis Natalia Żaba
Crowdsourcing Stories: How Thousands Shared Their Own Racism Stories Under #MeTwo Juliane Metzker
How we made a stories revolution in Belarus Zhanna Novik
Intro to the Data Journalist Mindset – the Experience of the Deutsche Welle Data Team Eva Lopez
Telling Stories With & For Communities Rafał Hetman
Covering Elections in Turkey Verda Uyar
Covering Elections in Ukraine Anastasiia Stanko
Data Journalism and Elections Coverage Jacopo Ottaviani
Local problem – global solution. Case study of Deep Breath Jakub Górnicki
How to cover Belarus in foreign media? Hanna Liubakova
Unbias the News: How cross-border collaboration can help fight misinformation Tina Lee
Intro to Factchecking Tommaso Canetta
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