Missed our Meetups or Summit? Here you can find recording of all the talks.

Intro to Factchecking Tommaso Canetta
Navigating Through Disinformation Meri Jordanovska
Disinformation, Misinformation, and Framing Sarah Emler
It Takes a Network To Take Down a Network Saska Cvetkovska
Paradise Papers and Implant Files Simon Bowers
#EUArms – Setting Up A Cross-Border Investigation Ludo Hekman
Running the investigative house – (The Journalist’s House) Vlad Ursulean
How to create impactful investigative stories? Blanka Zöldi
Journalism in Crisis: Is Data Journalism the Answer? Eva Constantaras
What you need to turn your publication into a membership business Sebastian Esser
Crowdfunding for magazines Dorota Groyecka
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Katharine Quarmby
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